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Eye Brows Makeup. Eye Brows Makeup tips. Eye Brow perfection is a large part of a Makeup Artist’s job. Keep your eye brow pencils naturally taupe without any pigments of red. This creates the best authentic color. Keep your eye brow pencil closest to your hair color. A few shades darker looks more dramatic and a few shades lighter softens your features.

Eye Care, EYEBROWS Makeup Tips

Create the illusion of the arch to be at the point which most flatters your face shape and your highest point should always be in line with the middle of the whites of your eyes between the outer edge of the iris and the outer corner of the eye.

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Eye Brows are back with a focus towards big and thick. The classic big brow has been associated with youthfulness and many young models are choosing to retain their natural unplucked shape. The power of the eye brows contain the look of the face and what Makeup Artists call framing. The straight eye brow is back on the catwalk. If you have a long face you will suit a straighter brow and this will break the face shape up to introduce proportion. If you have a round or oval face shape you can be more creative with arch height.

Keep in mind that making a very prominent arch can appear aggressive. Also keep in mind that your eye brow needs to end in line with where it started or your face will seem disproportionate and somewhat animated. If you have prominent features, soften your arch and do not over pluck as this can create severity. Eye Brows do grow back but take their time in doing so.

It doesn’t matter the size or shape your eyes, with the proper makeup techniques you can change the shape of your eyes. You can make your eyes appear bigger, wider and even more dramatic with these simple easy tips.

Do you have small eyes? Use pale color up to the crease, contour crease with a dark, smoky color, smudging often. This will be your most important
color area. Stay away from super dark colors or dark eyeliner. Apply shadow over the lids and a line of medium shadow in the crease.

Repeat pale lid color on Eye Brow bone just under your eyebrow. Then apply from center of your eye to outer edge of brow. Line your eyes with a coordinated, smoky liner, using the smudge method.

Do you have close-set eyes? You can visually separate close-set eyes by using light shimmery shades at the inner corner of each eye. This will give
the illusion of more space. Line the outer half of your eyes with darker eye shadows.

Do you have deep-set eyes? The problem with deep set eyes is they need to come out of hiding and be seen. Start off by using a pale eye shadow
all over the lid but only the lid. Line with a pale eyeliner and smudge the two together.

Shape Eyebrows Hair Removal Technique

Shaping Eyebrows can be shaped beautifully with Plucking. A lot of women use waxing for shaping eyebrows, but waxing requires special skills, so it is best done by a professional at least for an area like Shaping Eyebrows.

Shaping Eyebrows

Shaping Eyebrows, Shaping-Eyebrows, Eyebrows
Eyebrows can be shaped beautifully with Plucking. A lot of women use waxing for shaping eyebrows, but waxing requires special skills, so it is best done by a professional at least for an area like Eyebrows.

Do you have wide-set eyes? You can bring your eyes together by applying a dark color of eye shadow at the inner corner of each eye. The apply a
lighter color of eye shadow at the outer corners of your eyes.

Eye Mascara Tips

Eye Mascara Tips, Eye Mascara, Mascara Tips, Tips
Take note of your mascara shelf life. Typical mascara is good for only for as long as 3 years. After that, it might not exactly be in your best interest to continue using it.

Cat Eye Makeup

Cat Eye Makeup are perhaps one species of animals which have long been mystifying men with its mysterious nature. The Egyptians, more than 4000 years earlier used to obsessively pray to Cat Eye Makeup. They have this certain unexplained air around them.

This is maybe the most appropriate reason that women have been compared many a time with the Cat Eye Makeup. Furthermore, women like this too so they have developed new techniques through to get a sexy and appealing Cat Eye Makeup. A Cat Eye Makeup is a sort of a pointed make up line around the eyes to make them seem longer and more vicious.

If done properly by a makeup expert, a Cat Eye Makeup can completely transform the average looks of a woman and can change her into a siren. However, if done badly by an excited amateur, a woman can make a complete fool out of herself. The basic process underlining the Cat Eye Makeup makeup scheme is not that tricky or complicated for the Cat Eye Makeup enthusiast.

The better the makeup artist, the superior look you will achieve with your Cat Eye Makeup. This Cat Eye Makeup technique is widely used by fashion designers on their models to accentuate their facial expressions because the Cat Eye Makeup sometime seem to betray more than they are supposed to.

This dramatic effect highlights the face to give it a mysterious blend of sexy and chic style, a common tool of famous designers like Chanel, Versace, and other Fashion houses too. The trick is not as dependent on skill or use of eye shadow; Cat Eye Makeup has more to do with highlighting the curve and natural shape of the Cat Eye Makeup.

Apply Eyeliner

Pencil eyeliner gives the eyes a softer definition than gel or liquid, is easier to smudge with control, and for newbies is much easier to apply than the other two options. When it comes to the modern pencil eyeliner, we have two choices: automatic or traditional, both of which have their ups and downs.

With automatic eyeliner pencils, the obvious plus is that you never have to sharpen it, eliminating both the need of a sharpener and all of the mess that comes along with it. They come in a plastic pen-style applicator and when you use up the head, you simply twist the base to bring up more product.

The downside of not being able to sharpen an eyeliner is that unless you maneuver it in certain ways with each use (or on your hand, which would be wasteful), the head of the tip will become flat after just a few uses, making the liner thicker on your eye and therefore a bit harder to control the outcome.

By nature, automatic liners are not as soft or creamy as the traditional pencils, so if you’re looking for something a little more tough or if you’re experiencing bleeding with your traditional pencil, try an automatic and let us know how you feel about the difference. But keep in mind that a tough liner means it’s a little rougher on the eye, which we all know to be a very delicate area, so a good way to loosen up a tough liner is to warm it up with your breath (no joke).

Traditional pencils, on the other hand, have a greater presence on the market which means you have more choices (always a good thing) in color and texture. The downside of this type of eyeliner is that if the eye is not prepped properly, the creamier types can bleed- either on the lower lash line or around the eye.

In order to prevent this, use an eyeshadow base (even if you are just wearing liner) set with powder. This will allow the liner to adhere to the base instead of your eyelid, which if has the tendency to get a bit oily around mid-day is not the best option. Because of their less rough nature, traditional pencils glide easier on the inside of the lower eyelid, and if you have sensitive eyes you need to be mindful of tearing when applying liner to this area of the eye.

If you just want to make your eyes look bigger, how about this model’s secret. Use a pale, shimmery eye shadow in a peach or a pink shade on the lid and in the inner corner of your eyes, right near the bridge of the your nose. This will create a brightening effect that will in turn make your eyes look bigger.


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