Janasena Pawan Kalyan with Paddy Farmers


Paddy farmers need Profitable price not support price
• Govt rnust pay Rs 1500 per paddy bag instead of Rs 1300
• Tear in the eyes of farrners not safe for Jagan Reddy govt
• YCP got has no sense to even pay hornage to boat tragedy victims in the Assembly
• YCP colours even to Paddy collection Centers?
• Paddy collection without giving receipts to farmers atrocious
• Excluding tenant farmers on caste basis is inhuman
• Can’t you distribute onions without stampedes?
• Feel proud to be a politician leaving filmdom
• Special attention on farmers’ issues from January

Janasena Party chief Sri Pawan Kalyan announces at the day-long fast Janasena Party president Sri Pawan Kalyan has said that the government must Provide a Profitable Price for paddy farmers, not the support price and demanded that they should be paid Rs 1. Per Party . instead of Rs 1300.

Pawan Kalyan Meeting With Farmers

Addressing a mammoth public gathering as part of his day-long hunger strike in Kakinada in support of the paddy farmers of East and West Godavari districts on Thursday evening, Sri Pawan Kalyan warned that the tears in the eyes of farmers will ruin the government. The day would come for Janasena Party as it was waiting with a lot of patience though the YCP leaders were using abusive words against him and that day the YCP government would be burnt down on that day. He advised the 151 MLAs to maintain restraint from making abusive comments In social media. He said Jagan Reddy government was collecting paddy from the farmers without giving any receipt. But he was collecting all the receipts for t. expenditure spent on the renovation of his residence.

Why he required 151 MLAs when he was unable to provide receipts to the farmers and alleged that he was wasting the precious time of the Assembly. Explaining how the farmers were being sandwiched with the troubles, Sri Pawan Kalyan said the farmers, who were dependent on their hard work were being targeted by middlemen and the politicians. Everyone including lagan Reddy was taking leaves, but the farmer was working round the year without any leave from his work.

Stating that rice-rich Godavari districts, which were treated to be Goddess Annapurna of Andhm Pmdesh, he said 51 per cent of paddy output was yielding from these district out of total 44 lakh metric tonnes of paddy. Now the paddy farmers were facing many problems. They have to safeguard their crops like tender-age children. There were no proper open platforms for the farmers to dry up the paddy.

He expressed shock that one paddy drying up platform in Anaparti has been converted as a burial ground. On the other hand, the YCP government was not Collecting paddy from the farmers in the name of 14 per cent of moisture. The Central Government has indicated that moisture in the paddy could be accepted up to 15 per cent and 25 Per cent mile concession. He said he had surprised to see a paddy collection centre in YCP flag colours, but it was closed down which has to be opened 35 Per the requirement. Stating that he thought he would not have any work till one year in the new government, Sri Pawan Kalyan said the YCP government started demolishing government buildings and destroyed the livelihood of 25 lakh building workers.

The YCP government would soon be face similar fate of the buildings as there were many kingdoms and dynasties had been collapsed in the history and nothing would stop 151 MIAs from falling. He said the farmers of Godavari districts did not need the photograph of Pawan Kalyan as they wanted him as a person to support their cause.

YCP has no sense of paying homage to boat tragedy victims in Assembly Sri Pawan Kalyan said the Jason Reddy government has no minimum sense of paying homage to the victims of boat tragedy on the first day of the Assembly. It was not even bothered about the deaths of building workers who committed suicide due to sand shortage. It was not enough to garland the portrait of Dr 8 R Ambedkar on his birth and death anniversaries.

Stating that he was ready to face any confrontation with the government, he acNised the YCP’s 151 hill.As to run the House in a dignified way not throwing abus. comments against him. lagan Reddy must think on humanitarian ground and provide a profitable price instead of support price of Rs 1500 instead of Rs 1300. It would be like saying apology to paddy farmers if the profitable price was announced.

Jagan Reddy should remember the plight of paddy farmers at least while he was having his meal. He always talks about humanity as his religion, but he was discriminating farmers on caste basis and he should remember wh. he was requesting votes from the people. He called upon the people to become lions before such politicians, not as sheep. • Can’t you supply onions without stampedes, Talking about onions crisis, Sri Pawan Kahien asked the lagan Reddy government that it could not supply onions to the people without any stampedes while referring to stampede in the queue line at Amudalavalasa in Srikakularn district. Referring to the employment assurance scheme, he said there was a demand for interlinking with agriculture, but no effort has been made till now in this direction.

The workers working under the scheme are taking even Rs 25 to his home as the contractors were giving money on one hand and taking from the labour at the belt wine shops on the other. Proud to be a politician leaving filmdom Sri Pawan Kalyan said small and marginal farmers were unable to use machinery in the fields and these farmers were not getting labour except like farmers like lagan Reddy.

The small farmers were crushing in the system as they were not getting seven the support price. The 151 IVII.As should shun making awkward statements and take up constructive work for the sake farmers. He said he was proud to be a politician leaving his filmdom though he tasted the poll debacle.

The YCP leaders must think of how they could introduce mechanization in the small cultivations and provide a PmfltaMe Price for farmers instead of support price. He said Sir Arthur Cotton has been revered as a God in Godavari districts because he served the farming community with pension.

He advised Jagan Reddy not to do politics always and asked him to stay In the CM post for a long time bY making good to the farmers. He also urged the bank officials to provide I.ns to the farmers Instead of giving crores of rupees bans to the corporates, who were leaving the country creating bad debts.

Prepare 1 lakh young farmers Stating that Janasena Party has given top priority for farmers in its manifesto, Sri Pawan Kalyan said the party would provide Rs 5100 pension to farmer per month to encourage the farming as by 2050 there would be the huge crisis of food and there would be an acute shortage of drinking water. Hence, it has proposed to prepare one lakh, young farmers. 1 am making a promise to the farming comrnunity that organic agriculture would be initiated In a big way and suggested that there should be a union for farmers a.. There were unions for factory workers and others. He gave a clarion call to the farming community to become unite and Janasena Party would relentlessly fight in support of the farming community, he added.

Special focus on agriculture frorn January The Janasena Party president announced that his party would lay a special focus on the agriculture from January and he would tour every village to support farmers to demand profitable price not support price. The government must declare Rs 1500 per paddy bag instead of Rs 1300. He said the hunger strike was organized to highlight the problems of paddy farmers. He would put attention on the other agriculture.based industries like dairy, fisheries and aquaculture. He thanked the 100 soldiers (Jana Sabi., who were form. as a team for organizing the hunger strike.


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