How To Get Rid Of Split Ends Naturally At Home


There’s no hair enemy as fierce and unyielding as the much-dreaded split end. “Split ends or frizzies occur when the protective outer layer of the hair cuticle wears away. This happens because of external stressors such as heat styling and salon chemical services,” explains Amy Abramite, creative director and stylist at Chicago’s Maxine Salon. So in this article we will discuss about How To Get Rid Of Split Ends Naturally At Home.

“Once the internal structure of the hair is exposed, it becomes weakened, dehydrated and damaged, causing frizzies.” So you’re probably wondering how to get rid of split ends—well, the only proven split end repair method is to have them snipped off.

But our friends at Style List found several things you can do between salon appointments to improve the look of damage and prevent more splits from occurring.

What Causes Split Ends
There are many causes of frizzies which we can avoid by taking proper care of our hair. Here are some causes of split ends given below.

1. Over Washing
Through Washing is a truly primary and natural reason for frizzies which minimize their development and make our hair unhealthy.

2. Exposure Of Hair To Heat
In now world heat, pollution and dust can also be a primary cause to get frizzies. All people need our personal vehicle which cause a rapid increase in pollution.

3. Hair Styling Tools
Excessive usage of hair styling tools, like straighteners and curlers. This is additionally a primary reason to get split ends and also it’ll cause difficulties to our hairs, if we use any machines often for our hairs.

4. Hair Styling Make up
Excessive utilization of hair styling make up, like gels, serums, and sprays. They all include chemical substances in them and which cause unwanted effects.

5. Washing With Hot Water
Washing of hairs with hot water will cause split ends and even it will also cause dandruff and make our hair week.

6. Insufficient Regular Care, like Trimming And Cutting
Trimming and cutting is the finest means as it will not contain any substance to eliminate frizzies and all procedure is natural.

7. Not Oiling The Hair Correctly
Oiling supply our hairs with conditioning and assist them to stay fit and healthy.We can not say any particular symptom for split ends. So if we are not using oil in our hairs than you are risking our hairs age.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Split Ends
Split ends are the result of fraying of the hair shaft due to excessive heat, mechanical stress, and dryness. Well, the good news is that now there is no requirement to reach out to a heavily expensive salon! Just open your refrigerator and kitchen cupboard, and you will definitely find a way out for treating the frizzies.

1. Eggs
One among the treatments that are ever greatest to make your strands from dryness, frizzies, and dullness is the use of egg. There are various manners, in which, the egg may be applied to your hair.

It’s possible for you to apply egg combined with olive oil/almond honey and oil and wash off after 30-45 minutes.

A whipped egg with a spoonful of water may also be applied as shampoo. Keep it for half an hour and wash off. These treatments are actually effectual in treating your hair in the issue of frizzies.

2. Papaya
Take a ripe papaya and half cup of yogurt. Blend them to get a pulpy paste. You can apply this as a hair mask for about 30 minutes and wash off. This will give your hair sheen and solace from split ends.

3. Castor Oil
Massage your hair with castor oil, blended with olive as well as mustard oil, to end split ends hair. Keep it for 30 minutes, and wrap with a towel or shower cap. Afterwards, rinse it off with shampoo.

4. Cream
Mix a tablespoon of cream with half cup of milk. Whisk it completely. Apply this mixture to your hair for a quarter hour and after that wash it out.

5. Honey
Honey is a great treatment for frizzies. Combine a tbsp filled with curd and honey. Mix it gently and make a fine paste. Provide a massage in your hairs specially at the hair ends.

Let this mixture stay on your hairs for 20 minutes and than rinse it out later. This mixture will not only relieve you from split ends, but will also confer your hair with a gorgeous lustre.

6. Beer
Beer is in fact great for your hair and is thought to be a conditioner that is great. After shampooing them rinse your hair with beer and you’ll be actually amazed to view the glow and gleam in your hair.

7. Avocado
Mash an avocado and massage it in your damp hair, coating the split ends. Some olive oil also can be utilized into it if needed.

8. Olive Oil
Give your own hair an effectual and relaxing hot tub with warm olive oil. Massage your hair lightly with olive oil. You are able to either wash it after 1 hr or keep it overnight.

9. Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is an excellent oil treatment to fight with nearly all the hair issues. Massage your hair with warm coconut oil to take care of hair and to treat frizzies, dullness, and hair fall.

10. Chamomile Tea
To constrain frizzies and frizzed hair, give your hair a rinse of chamomile tea. Steep a few chamomile tea bags in boiling water. Let it cool. Rinse your hair with this solution to liberate your hair from split ends.

11. Shea Butter
Apply this butter on your hair after washing them. Massage your hair that is damp with shea butter and let them dry naturally. Inside several days, you’ll observe that you will be getting relief from split ends and frizzy hair.

12. Cocoa Butter
Cocoa butter can also be an excellent alternative to take care of frizzies. It’s used as Shea butter. And it is also the best and natural home remedy to get rid of split ends. We can use it once in a week to get rid of frizzies.

13. Argan Oil
Massaging your hair with argan oil can solace you with a variety of hair problems, like dry hair, split ends, dullness, and frizzy hair.

14. Clarified Butter or Ghee
Ghee or clarified butter can provide you hair that is exceptionally healthy and nourished. Massage your hair with clarified butter or ghee and stay it overnight. Rinse it out correctly another morning with water that is lukewarm.

15. Dal or Black Lentil Pack
Take ½ cup of black lentil and grind it to get a smooth powder. Add a spoon full of fenugreek seeds. Now, mix this with a cup of yogurt. Apply this to your hair for two hours and wash off with a mild shampoo afterwards.

16. Jojoba Oil
Jojoba oil can be mixed with your shampoo or conditioner while washing your hair to get soft and nourished hair. This treatment can also be great for treating frizzies.

17. Mayonnaise
Mayonnise is a great treatment on your dry hair experiencing split ends. Just apply mayonnise on frizzies two times weekly, particularly in your own hair.

18. Banana
Mash a ripe banana. Add an egg, some honey and a little milk into mashed banana and apply it as a hair mask. Wash and rinse after half an hour.

19. Fenugreek
Make a fine paste of ground fenugreek seeds and curd. Use this as a hair pack. Wash it after two hours to get silky smooth hair. This natural home remedy will also treat your split ends.

20. Vitamin E Capsules
Mix the oil of 2-3 Vitamin E capsules in lukewarm water and massage the split strands with it. This is an effective remedy to treat frizzies.

Tricks To Do Away With Split Ends Quickly
1. Trimming
Trimming is the sole strategy to eliminate split ends. Till you discover your hair to be ideal, cut 1 inch of hair on a monthly basis. The more time you wait to trim, more schisms will happen in your own hair. Therefore routine trimming is vital for removing frizzies. You should follow along with the above mentioned precautions to get hair that is perfect.

2. Condition Your Hair
Condition your hair thrice per week for making it longer and more powerful and enhancing its well-being. Apply a great brand conditioner, for enhancing the grade of hair shampoos and serums. Wash it with lukewarm or cold water. This may aid in maintaining your hair moisturized and soft.

Avoid using products which promise to take care of your split ends. This hair state can simply be prevented and only trimming will allow you to to dispose of it. Therefore prevent falling victim to such claims that are bogus.

3. Home Remedies
Home remedies are also rather great for protecting hair from additional schisms. These natural manners aid in keeping hair healthy and nourished.

Eat a healthful diet with proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals for recuperating split ends instantly. A healthier diet helps in keeping hair powerful and healthy. Few tips you need to follow to get rid of frizzies naturally at home.

1. Do not brush wet hair because it will cause hair fall more and our hair will become dull and unhealthy.

2. Try to avoid excessive usage of hair stylers because this is not safe let’s them be natural so that they will not get damage.

3. Avoid excessive usage of cosmetic products so that we will not face hair fall and any other problem like that.

4. Cover your hair with a bandana or scarf while going out so that they will not come in contact of pollution outside and you can save our hair from pollution.

5. Get your hair trimmed every 2 months so that if you have split ends than it will cut off and your hair will get the growth accordingly.

6. Use hair brushes that have nylon bristles so that our hair will not fall more and your scalp will remain healthy.

7. Condition your hair, three times per week so that hey will remain healthy and you will have shiny hairs.

8. Do not use hot water to rinse your hair because it will cause dandruff and hair fall and also cause frizzies.

9. Detangle your hair with a wide toothed comb so that they will not fall and your hair age will not effects.

10. Retain moisture in your hair by oiling them because this is the natural and simple way to get naturally healthy and shiny hairs.

11. Drink a lot of water as it is the main reason if we are facing the issue of hair fall, decrease level of water will cause many problems to our body. So drink at least 10 glass of water in a day to remain healthy and fit.


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