How to Control Eating During Holidays


How to Control Eating During Holidays. Christmas holidays are always available a lot of food. This of course causes weight gain and cholesterol were also increased. If we are not aware of this case and control our eating would be difficult for us to lower cholesterol evens lower our weight. how to get around the usual food available during Christmas holidays :

Mashed Potatoes: Eat mashed potatoes without milk, butter or salt and chicken broth may be added without the fat.

Sweet Potato: Better to eat a boiled or baked plain without using any extra.
Small cakes: Better to be avoided and other select healthy foods.

Pancakes: Limit yourself to eat pancakes and try not to add a lot of fatty toppings Cocktails. Better to mix some wine with sparkling water and fruit juice

Cakes & Cookies: Better to choose an abortion 70% cacao dark chocolate a solid in small amounts rather than containing a lot of milk. If in small amounts can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Now you can enjoy holidays also control your eating easily.

Diet Plan:

Always do healthy lifestyle diet can be a choice in your life. It is highly recommended you to enjoy a diet that you live. Actually there are easy ways to live a fun diet. What kind of diet that’s fun? Here they are:

1. eliminate the perception that the diet is painful and tortured because they cannot enjoy good food. In fact, diet can also eat well, live how we choose a healthy menu.
2. Selective in choosing foods, choose foods delicious but contain high protein and low in carbohydrates.
3. Continue to learn to find variations of a healthy and tasty food.
4. Set a healthy diet.
5. Do not forget to exercise.

Similarly, a healthy lifestyle diet you can do. Besides the fun also nourish our bodies


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