Beware of Asthma Attack, Symptoms, Care Treatment


Asthma is a disease of the respiratory tract narrowing the time that it becomes difficult to breathe. Someone who has a history of asthma, asthma attacks can be anywhere and anytime. A symptom of asthma attacks are characterized heavy breathing / shortness of breath accompanied by breath sounds until there is a dangerous respiratory failure. Although asthma is temporary, but can happen anytime and anywhere.

Asthma Attack, Symptoms Treatment Care

As you inhale, the pressure in the chest down so that air can enter. Reduced pressure helps keep the airway open. When exhaling, the pressure inside increases and thus affects the walls of the respiratory tract and its branches so that it becomes flat. This situation causes the respiratory tract becomes narrow making it hard exhale, this is cause of asthma attacks. This is what causes people with asthma have difficulty exhaling, which is usually accompanied by the emergence of sound.

How do I know I get asthma attacks?

asthma attacksVisit your doctor for a consultation, your doctor will ask about your family health history whether there is one member of your family who suffer from asthma? This question will support their opinions to test your lung function or breathing tests to assure their examination results before prescribing / medicines and therapies for you. Test function of the respiratory tract / lung is used to measure your ability to breathe. Results of chest X-ray can show if there is blockage of the respiratory tract which is an indication of asthma. More early knowing the symptoms of asthma, asthma attacks can be prevented.

Asthma attacks Symptoms

In general, symptoms of asthma are shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing sounds which these symptoms often arise in the morning before dawn, this is because the influence of hormonal balance low levels of cortical when the morning and various other factors. Could be a sudden you feel unable to breathe, this is called asthma attacks.

People with asthma will complain of shortness of breath due to breathing air at the time can not flow smoothly in the airways narrow and it is also the cause sound during breathing. In people with asthma, narrowing of the airways that occurs may be shrinking and closing of the channels by which produce excessive phlegm and cause coughing in response to remove the phlegm. Picture below is a cross-sectional image in normal lung and during an asthma attack.

One characteristic of asthma attacks is the loss of complaints outside attack. That is, at the time of the asthma attacks, patients suffering from asthma can look great (a lot of coughing, severe shortness of breath and even choked), but outside of the asthma attacks he was healthy (able to play tennis 2 sets, can walk around the park, and etc.). So, beware to asthma attacks.

Asthma Attacks In Infants

From the beginning, you will require regular inspection and maintenance medications, you should buy on a regular basis, and lasts until the condition is not yet under control. But even if the improvements you can still buy all these things in an emergency.

Asthma attacks in infants

asthma attacks in infantsWhile abandon or ignore conventional medicine asthma attacks in infants can not really be a good idea, you will have to find other methods that can help relieve the pain you feel in your body and your pocket too. Here are some effective ways you can look at when looking for ways to relieve asthma cheap;

Inhalation of steam: steam treatments have long been known for a lot of people with asthma to be a good alternative to put aside the traditional medication during the asthma attacks in infants. Breathing the vapors can unlock Airways prevents the mucus and makes breathing difficult. One way to do this would be on top of a shower and place it on the warmer at the bottom. Wait for the steam to fill the entire bathroom and start to breathe out of the attack.

The breathing treatment to prevent asthma attacks in infants:

Contrary to popular belief that breathing treatments are only good for prevention, breathing treatments can also be used to treat asthma during asthma attacks in infants. Different methods of teaching wheezing manage their condition by securing more control over breathing and breathing retraining methods incorrect.

Buteyko breathing treatments, such as pranayama, and Papworth introduce the various techniques are easy to master and can bring fast results for those interested in learning to prevent asthma attacks in infants. Not to mention that only come to pay tuition and once you get to reap the benefits of continuous no need to spend on something else.

Coffee, one of the cheapest options can be during the attacks. Coffee is proven effective by a lot of people with asthma during the attack. The main reason is that coffee is caffeine. Caffeine is known to be effective in relaxing tight muscles and thins bronchial mucus clogging Airways, so it is not only a wake-up drink, but also a cost-effective solution for asthma attacks in infants.

Aromatherapy: Some essential oils can really help during the asthma attacks in infants. Eucalyptus oil diluted in warm water, for example, can bring rapid relief because of their anti-inflammatory properties making it an economical alternative for asthma attacks.

Licorice: Licorice contains glycyrrhizin, which is responsible for most medicinal plants, including the ability to reduce inflammation, sore throat and other symptoms of allergies and asthma. Apart from glycyrrhizin, licorice also contains flavonoids that help deal with various other diseases and can help strengthen the body’s natural immunity.


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